Some big news this month is our FISHING TRIP sponsored by PRECISION GATES, one of our business loyalty patners that reached deep into their pockets to make a HUHE PRIZE available. This competion will be running as of August to October 2019, winners will be announced in November. 

So don't MISS OUT on this one and download your ENTRY FORM here:

Complete and e-mail back to to stand a CHANCE TO WIN



  • 4 Finalists will be chosen monthly

  • 31 August 2019 / 30 September 2019 / 31 October 2019

  • The 4 winners will be announced during November 2019

  • Fishing trips will be arranged as from December 2019

  • Winners will be selected at RANDOM

  • Only entries with all 3 above steps carried out are valid

  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other products

  • Entrants must be 18 years or older to qualify

  • The winners must reside in the Western Cape

  • Winners must be physically and mentally capable of taking the trip

  • The prizes are transferable, subject to the organizer’s approval

  • Winners will receive a 1-day deep sea fishing trip in the Western Cape waters

  • Fishing equipment and bait will be provided

  • Winners are liable for their own clothing/fishing wear

  • Winners will need to provide a valid fishing license

  • Winners must arrange own transportation to the launch site

  • Rules of the skipper are to be adhered to at all times during the trip

  • Winners will be expected to act in a responsible manner during the trip

  • Winners acknowledge that the trip will be taken at own risk

  • Catches of the day will be divided among all the crew members

  • The skipper has the right to advise a trip to be cut short, for safety reasons

  • If the weather conditions do not allow a trip to take place on a chosen day,

     a new date will be scheduled.

Companies already part of the BOLT Loyalty Program that you can visit as a BOLT client.


  • TJ Lekka Braai

  • Coastal Radio SA

  • Four Seasons Window Tinting

  • Western Cape Fire Services

  • Precision Gates

  • SupaQuick ( Brackenfell)

  • Jakaranda Hardware



The ViewProtect Armed Bar is specially engineered with the circuit wire running inside the transparent Burglar Bar, and can be connected to any alarm system. This Wire is corrosion-proof and not visible when looking through the “Transparent Burglar Bar”.

The specially designed wires are connected inside a custom Armed Bar Box/Rail that is connected separately to the window frame or reveal. Should the Armed bars be cut, kicked out or tampered with in an attempted burglary, the thin wire will break and activate the alarm.

  • Offers a physical barrier that is connected to an alarm system for 24/7 protection

  • Always active even when windows are open, due to a permanent Armed Alarm zone

  • Manufactured from polycarbonate, one of the strongest thermoplastics available

  • No False alarms

  • Insect proof

  • Tamper resistant

  • Wires are invisible

  • Corrosion free

  • UV Protected

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Patented product

CASI Latest Technology in Personal Protection

BOLT invites you to link to CASI and enjoy the protection of the latest technology in personal protection.


CASI is a peer to peer mobile security solution.CASI is a mobile panic button that can be activated anywhere, anytime. What this entails is that CASI is not linked to any specific security organisation but rather to many. The responding company will be the one best located to react to a panic. CASI is a neutral system and doesn’t favor any security company. CASI works on a very basic principle. The app has one sole purpose, to activate a panic when the user feels threatened. This panic can be activated from a variety of sources, the app itself or a CASI button. As soon as the panic has been activated the panic will be sent to the following parties:

1.The five nearests responders
2.CASI’s Centralised control room
3.All the security Partner’s Control rooms in the area

This ensures that CASI informs all relevant parties and has multiple failovers for the protection of their clients.



Whether you are an existing BOLT client or wants to get the APP and protect yourself as a non-BOLT client it doesn't matter. You can use CASI regardless of your client status. We however have a reduction in cost for existing BOLT alarm clients.



All BOLT clients can now benefit from the existing offer to join CASI absolutely FREE of charge for their duration with BOLT as their Alarm Response Provider. This FREE offer is applicable to ONLY the 1st app user(primary user). Should these clients require more app subscriptions they can be linked at a cost of R35/mth per extra unit.

Also inquire about our special offers to our clients on remote panic units. FIRST MONTH FREE using the BOLTSEC code on payment with CASI.


All non- BOLT clients can contact us now for linkup and will be loaded to the CASI portal for subscription and registration. They will be linked at a cost of R35/mth as as primary user and a further R35/mth per extra unit.

Also inquire about our offers on remote panic units. FIRST MONTH FREE using the BOLTSEC code on payment with CASI.

CONTACT Phillip van Zijl for more detail 021 982 2515  

                                                                                                                                           In Brackenfell for Brackenfell

BOLT - Annual Conference 2019

The past weekend BOLT Risk Management held its 7th Annual Conference at the Winterberg Inn a few kilometers outside Wolseley.

It was a rather fruitful event and evident of what difference a change of scenery and environment can do in getting the creative juices flowing. The main theme was teamwork as without that, mostly totally underestimated by many a company, growth and ultimately success is simply impossible. Rugby was the catalyst at the conference as teamwork in this sport can never be underestimated. The overall result of this was evident throughout the day and also thereafter.


Watch this space, things are happening that will also be beneficial to YOU our Client.

Thanking you for your business and support.


BOLT - Prefered provider to BBID

Since BOLT's been awarded a three year contract as security provider to the BBID (Brackenfell Business Improvement District) a lot has been done to realize the Vision Statement of this initiative by City of Cape Town and the Brackenfell Business Community.














The statement is clear and objective driven : " To establish and maintain a safe, clean, well-managed CBD area that attracts and retains business investment and attractive retail opportunities. "


The goals of the BBID  are as follows:


•Reducing crime significantly by proactive visible patrolling & cooperation with existing SAPS and City of Cape Town Law Enforcement efforts as well as other   security service providers.


•Creating a safe and clean public environment by addressing issues of maintenance & cleaning of streets, pavements & public spaces.


•Manage existing and new public infrastructure for the future benefit of all the users of the area.


•Protect property values and attract investment to the area.


Support the promotion of the BBID as a safe & clean environment by promoting greening, energy efficiency,•recycling and risk/disaster management.


•Promote social responsibility in the area.


•Manage the BBID cost effectively to ensure sustainability.


A 24 hr security service is provided with dedicated personel patrolling, on foot and vehicle, the central business district. BOLT installed three high resolution PTZ cameras in the central business district on strategic points. These cameras monitor the Brackenfell station foot bridge as well as the central business center in the vicinity of Old Paarl Road.


The cameras are monitored on a 24hr basis as part of the service provided to the BBID in making Brackenfell a safe area to conduct business. The cameras were financed by BOLT Risk Management cc with the support of Sensor Security and INHEP Electronics.














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